Farewell, Nottingham…

This beautiful, vibrant city has been my home on-and-off for the past 10 years (with a 4-year gap to go live and work in the Big Smoke).

So much of my growth has happened here in Nottingham. It’s where I studied. The roots of my deepest friendships were nurtured, and I met my partner here too. I won, lost and learned to be an adult.  Nottingham embraced me warmly as it has done with so many and will no doubt continue to do.

Things to do in Nottingham that I have done and enjoyed:



-radio broadcasting

-getting involved with events





-coffee shops (Wired, Lee Rosy’s Tea Rooms)

-craft beer places (Junkyard, Keane’s Head and Brew Dog are my faves)


-cinema (Broadway and Cineworld)

I successfully organised the Nottinghamshire Pride LGBT festival this year, which I think is a great parting memory of my time here. In fact, the lady and I are getting married here in 2015, so that will provide the greatest enduring memory of ‘Notters.

The last 2 months has been one of the hardest periods I’ve ever endured – more on that in another post – so it’s great to look forward to a fresh beginning in a new place.

For clients, you can still expect to receive the very best from brazen cheek, so no worries on that front! I’m sure that the dizzy spires of Oxford will welcome me as much as Nottingham has.


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