On breaking Twitter

By now, you’ll probably have seen my wonderfully awesome piece of writing published on the Girl Skate UK website for International Women’s Day (IWD) a couple of weeks ago (March). If not, here’s the link

I’m quite proud of it, and although I didn’t exactly break Twitter, it did the rounds quite successfully, with retweets by some important and influential people in the biz like Long Live Southbank and Sidewalk mag. As someone who used to do PR as a job, I realise I could have pushed this more (the piece was published weeks ago) however it was interesting to see how far the article reached and was shared organically. It’s still being shared now. The results kinda show that actually, putting content out there simply by linking to a shared day can work to get a simple yet potent message out. And, also reinforces the idea that, since my day job is pretty intense at the moment, I’m allowed to be a little lazy in my spare time!


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